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Caterers Culinaire



Minimum Order 10 per item off this menu

Point & Ribbon Sandwiches (3 per serve) ................. $6.50 pp

Selection of gourmet fillings

Baguettes & Bruschetta ...................................$8.00 pp

Gourmet Fillings & Toppings

Selection of French White, Wholemeal, artisan Sourdough Breads freshly baked to order.

Gourmet Fillings freshly prepared



Sweet Potato, spinach, ricotta & croutons

Chef’s in-house leafy green garden salad - Marie Rose Dressing

Panzanella Salad, tomato ,onion, croutons, Italian Vinaigrette

Individual serves approx 250g


Antipasto - selection of cured meats, marinated vegetable, imported cheeses, mixed olives, breads & crakers.....$10.00pp

Cheese & Fruit -selection of imported cheese, nuts, fruits fresh & dried & crackers...$10.00pp

Seasonally selected fresh fruits served with cocktail sticks ........ $6.50 pp

Fingerfoods & Canapés Platters: please enquire on selections

Petit Sweets

Mixed platter of mini tartlets:

chocolate, passion fruit, new york cheesecake, French lemon

Mixed selection of freshly baked little cakes & biscuits:

Financiers, almond, pistachio, Madeleines, Cinnamon Shortbread, Chocolate Brownies


Free delivery to the CBD for orders over $130 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Please enquire for delivery charges outside the CBD.

Orders are require to be received and confirmed by midday 12pm the previous day.

Monday orders are to be received and confirmed by midday 12pm Friday prior.
Cancellations made 24 hours or less to delivery will charged in full.

Please advise us if you have any special dietary requirements.